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Squick Me Hard!

Squick me, baby, squick me good...

Squick me, baby, squick me good...
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Squick me, baby, squick me good!

This community, in all it’s disgusting glory, functions as two things:

a) It pays testament to what diabolical things can be schemed when bouncy and aurora_enkeli are allowed to speak for prolonged lengths of time.

b) It will allows us not only to further indulge in our new favourite thing- squicky pairings in squicky situations- but to inflict said squick on everyone else, gathering like-minded people as we go along.

The rules are painless enough, which seems only fair when so many of these posts will be painful to read:

One: The word length of all drabbles must be over 100 words but less than 500 words. There may be challenges issued of longer length in the near future when we have collected a large group of the twisted and depraved.

Two: Prompts of a pairing and a scenario will posted weekly. All members can issue prompts of their own if there is something squicky they would love to see, posts being given in this format-


The prompt must then be claimed by another member. And if no one seems to want your prompt? Do not fret as either bouncy or aurora_enkeli, your gorgeous albeit perverted mods, will sweep in and save the day.

Three: When we say squicky pairing, we bloody well mean it! Which means no well known/exceedingly hot pairings like Harry/Draco, Harry/Severus, Remus/Sirius et cetera because let’s face it- no matter what we do to pairings like that, it’s never really that squicky.

Four: All warnings thrived upon. All ratings welcome- the higher the better. All drabbles behind LJ cuts, clearly labelled in the following format:

Word Count:
Challenge: (state whether it’s a comm. challenge, an author requested challenge or none at all)
Notes: (if any)

Five: Be kind- leave feedback. A lot of authors feed on it or (in aurora_enkeli’s case) use it as a substitute for addictive, physically damaging substances. Don’t flame, don’t admonish the mods or anyone else for what they write. We are perverts, we know this. It’s really just a waste of time to point out the obvious.

Prompt Suggestions For Upcoming Ficathon.

squick_me is proud to be affiliated with:

We know they echo our pride- partly because each of us runs and/or co-mods at least two of these each. Except snarry100 but aurora_enkeli reserves the right to make up that mod’s mind for her.

Want to be affiliated? Drop a mod a line, either here, through email or on their own LJ.