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Squick Me Hard!

Squick me, baby, squick me good...

5/17/08 12:53 am - purplefluffycat - Fic: 'Cream Cakes and Boys'

Hi there! I have just come across this community, and it seemed an appropriate place to post the following offering... ;-)

Title: Cream Cakes and Boys
Author: PurpleFluffyCat
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dudley Dursley/Horace Slughorn with appearances by Petunia and Vernon Dursley, Hestia Jones and Daedalus Diggle
Warnings: Gluttony/fat!Dudley as a fetish, Mild D/s dynamic, mentions of Muggle homophobia
Summary: After the family have retreated into hiding, a frustrated and trapped Dudley Dursley finds relief to more than one of his worries in the least expected of circumstances.

Notes: Easily the strangest pairing I have ever written, but I've tried to make the scenario in some way plausible, and am actually quite pleased with the set-up. Not a fetish/squick I have considered before, either, but these two characters made me do it!!!

Cream Cakes and BoysCollapse )

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5/3/06 02:35 am - carpe_slytherin - Squickathon Fic: Weighty Matters

Title: Weighty Matters
Author: carpe_slytherin
Rating: NC-17/Mature Adult
Word Count: ~2160
Challenge: For the Squickathon sentence prompt: "The first time she saw him naked was an accident, the second time she had silently followed him but didn’t stay to watch and by the third time she couldn’t help but stare."
Pairing: Vincent Crabbe/Minerva McGonagall
Warnings: Teacher/student, fat fetish, mentions of breath play, vomit, and D/s.

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5/1/06 06:37 pm - acidquill - Squickathon fic: H/D, R, asphyxiation

Title: Down Where It Doesn't Hurt
Author: acidquill
Rating: R
Word Count: 527
Challenge: Squickathon: Asphyxiation.
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Warnings: My version of smut again. Breath play.
Notes: Again, I think I was less squick and more…er well I don’t know. But I rather like it anyway. Second person pov.

Down Where It Doesn't HurtCollapse )

5/1/06 06:27 pm - acidquill - Squickathon fic: Abstraction

Title: Abstraction
Author: acidquill
Rating: R
Word Count: 254
Challenge: Squickathon: Dementor/Anyone. Though it ended up more of a sort of threesome…
Pairing: Bellatrix/Rodolphus, Bellatrix/dementors
Warnings: Er, smut. Dark-y fic. And dementors getting off…
Notes: Pre OotP. Honestly I didn’t intend for Bellatrix to be the one in here, really. And I think I'm not nearly squicky enough *le sigh*

Most of what she remembers...Collapse )

5/1/06 01:19 pm - carpe_slytherin - Squickathon Fic: The Sickness of Snakes

Title: The Sickness of Snakes
Author: carpe_slytherin
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4590
Challenge: Squickathon: Voldemort/Nagini
Pairing: Voldemort/Nagini/Wormtail (hope no one minds me tossing in the third party)
Warnings: Bestiality - graphic m/m sex, man/snake sex and m/m/snake threesome, forced orgasm, cannibalism, mild bondage, character death (snuff), erotic asphyxiation, non-con, forced rimming, scat, and a touch of necrophilia. Not necessarily in that order.
Notes: There are several allusions to HBP-related events. Runic information is from Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson and my good friend Scott. The title is from an Icelandic rune poem. This story is unbeta'd, because that was more than I could subject anyone to, but I'm open for suggestions and eager for constructive criticism.

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3/5/06 05:15 am - ladyblack888 - Because maggots ARE love...

Title: Delicatessen
Author: me
Pairings: Dementor(s)/Bellatrix, Andromeda/Bellatrix, Voldemort/Bellatrix
Rating: +16/+18
Word Count: ~650
Challenge: For archon_mentha, who asked for Dementor/Bellatrix, humiliation.
Warnings: Uh... Incest, mindfuck, mindrape, maggots, cockroaches, all kind of bodily fluids, odd odours... well, it's dark and sick.
A/N: Thanks to anise_anise for the spell check.
Summary: "It knows the worst is the silence, Bellatrix alone with herself."

Link to my LJ...

X-posted like a cheap whore.

2/26/06 09:52 am - almostblue - FIC: Squickathon, Hermione/?, R

Author: aspectsublime (almostblue)
Pairing: Hermione/?
Challenge: for the Squickathon, prompt being “Hermione/Books/Papercuts.”
Word Count: 500 exactly.
Rating: R
Warnings: knives. femmeslash. libraries...?

Author’s Notes: Five interrelated 100-word drabbles. Except. Erm. It's not real squicky. I tried, I really did. *hides*

Oh well. My next prompt is "something involving lots of ink," so hopefully I can break out some Giant Squid/Mrs. Norris on that one.

Bibliophilia, n. - a love of books.Collapse )

2/5/06 10:29 pm - sporadic__ - Firenze Love Fest!

Title: Swinging
Author: Reba
Rating: NC-17

Warning: Horsesex!
Word Count: 500ish?
Challenge: Firenze Love Fest
Notes: I really don't like this, please concrit

SwingingCollapse )


2/5/06 04:52 pm - the_senjou - Squickathon - The Dog's Bollocks

Title: The Dog’s Bollocks
Author: Senjy
Rating(s): NC17
Pairing(s): dog!Sirius/Fang
Summary: Technically he was a gay dog too
Genre/Warning(s): bestiality, squick
Word Count: 960 approx

Disclaimer: All familiar characters and wizarding situations belong to JK Rowling.
A/N: PoA era. Set just after Sirius attacked the Fat Lady’s portrait. For the Squickathon, prompt being “dog!Sirius/Fang”.

Sirius fled from Hogwarts as quickly as his four paws could carry him...

1/30/06 10:29 pm - brumeux77 - The Desk (by Brumeux, R)

Title: The Desk
Author: Brumeux (brumeux77; brumeux77@hotmail.com
Rating: R?
Pairing: Percy/Mr Crouch’s desk
Word Count: 491
Challenge: for the Squickathon
Prompt: Percy/Mr Crouch’s desk
Warnings: furniture abuse and wanking


The Desk
by Brumeux

Ever since Mr Crouch had been too ill to make it into the office, one of Percy’s most cherished responsibilities had been to keep his desk in order.Read more...Collapse )
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